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I am known for publishing two websites that grew out of my time working in Russia. I started in 2014 to refute the outrageous bias of virtually all Russia coverage in the West. My second site, (2018), focuses on the extraordinary Christian renaissance occurring in Russia. I am a convinced Christian, (Orthodox). All Christians have an obligation before God to act on their faith and to always speak the truth. 

Truth to Power will be similar to the above, with a broader range, covering US politics, geopolitics, history and society. It will focus on America, with some international coverage.

Covering the news for 5 years, I have come to the view that by far, the #1 problem facing the world today is the malevolent influence of Jewish elites across most issues, and that this is the case precisely because our media refuse to criticize them, even when the most obvious facts cry out for it. None of the horrendous problems which plague our nation and the world will improve unless we fix this - it must be placed front and center, there is no getting around it.

Name almost any pressing issue of the day - powerful Jewish elements are behind every one: our criminal and murderous foreign policy, the destruction of our culture, nation and working class by mass immigration, the outright fraud that are our financial markets, our ruinous and completely unnecessary defense budget, our price-gouging healthcare, the opioid epidemic, moral rot in film and TV, our lying media, the plague of LGBT sodomite degeneracy, and on and on. The shameless lying by the media about the Epstein / Israel, child sex, blackmail operation, and our government’s refusal to act on it, is the final insult to all decent and honest men. 

These same elements are desperately trying to convince Americans that this view is hateful, wrong, and crazy, and will go to any lengths, including censorship, violence and murder to suppress it, yet nothing could be further from the truth. I neither hate, nor fear, any man. As a Christian, these notions are impossible for me. Many Jews are not responsible for the trouble, nor even aware of it, zombified as they are, like most Americans, by our dishonest media.

The trouble lies with a small number of their elites, who are also deeply deluded, stricken with a spiritual disease. It is incumbent on honest and moral Jews to face this unpleasant fact, as more and more of them are. American Jews have to decide, are they part of the solution, or the problem? It is ultimately a spiritual one. Most Americans have allowed themselves to be led away from God, and this is the true cause of the rot which is visible everywhere, which could easily explode into catastrophe, making today's troubles seem trifling in comparison.

It is fundamentally un-American for any group to be exempt from criticism, yet this is precisely what we face today, and our country is being destroyed from within as a consequence. Because Jewish influence cannot be criticized, our government has murdered millions around the world in OUR name, especially over the past 20 years.

It is equally un-American to censor free speech, which is now the norm. We can regain our right to speak the truth, but we have to act NOW, or risk losing it forever. In early 2018 I wrote an article . It has been widely republished, viewed over half a million times, and translated by volunteers into 5 languages, , , German, , and Portuguese. The original on Russia Insider has an astonishing 2700 comments.

Another truth that has become absolutely clear to me is that the ‘Holocaust’ never happened, that it is a delusion of a media and academia exempt from criticism that could be construed as anti-Jewish. Now, many of you reading this might find this opinion astounding, as I certainly did when it first began to dawn on me three years ago, yet I can assure you that this is true. The facts have been exhaustively laid out in detailed books and articles whose scholarly accuracy and fairness is irrefutable. You will find a huge number of these articles on Russia Insider, at the Unz Review, and on many other reputable sites. This site will also seek to persuade the public of this truth, which has the most profound political ramifications for our day.

I am mostly ethnically German. My father was of German stock from one of the most German corners of America, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where his forefathers came in the 1720s, where I live. My mother was German and I was born in Germany. I speak German, have spent a good deal of my adult life in Germany, have traveled its length and breadth, and have many friends and relatives there. There is simply no way I can be silent about this libel against my people. It is my sacred duty to denounce this disgraceful lie. I am glad to debate the facts with all comers in any public forum. More than 50% of Americans are of German blood, and more than 65% of white Americans. It is no less YOUR sacred duty to get to the truth, and if you arrive at the same conclusion, to act.

Many hesitate. The problem is the eternal one of choosing between what is morally right, and your material well-being. The fact is that if you support and voice such views, it is possible you may suffer some material loss. Perhaps you will lose customers, or you will not be promoted as readily, or even fired, or you will lose friends or quarrel with relatives. Be under no illusion, you are facing the same bargain Satan offered Christ in the desert. 

Choose wisely gentle reader, your very soul hangs in the balance.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”  Mark 8:36

Charles Bausman


April 8, 亿乐彩登录

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Our Mission Statement

To always speak the truth. 

To make available to the public facts excluded from the mainstream media. 

To make it easier for Americans to find truly great writing and reporting in the alternative media.

To fight against hate, evil, and dishonesty.

To labor to solve the troubles facing our great nation.