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If Trump Doesn't Crack Down Now on Rioters, He Will Lose in November


President Donald Trump ran on a  platform in 2016 but he’s currently presiding over the most widespread civil disorder of this generation. The obvious reality: these riots are simply an excuse for  to loot without fear of punishment. Without an immediate policy of  directed and executed by the federal government, most Americans will correctly assume that Trump is unwilling or incapable of defending their lives and property. If so, his re-election campaign is probably finished—and America along with it.  

It’s hard to overstate the extent of the violence, with riots, arson and looting in Scottsdale, Dallas, , Ferguson, St. Louis, Richmond and countless other cities [by Tony Lee, Breitbart, May 30, 亿乐彩登录]. In Minneapolis, where the riots began, Mayor Jacob Frey blamed riots on “,” an insane conspiracy theory which went completely unchecked by Twitter’s “fact checkers.” Twitter itself, showing utter contempt for President Trump’s alleging political bias, changed its profile to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter [by Ellen Cranley, Business Insider, May 31, 亿乐彩登录].

President Trump had previously tweeted that “” (a tweet censored by Twitter). However, while Minneapolis police were unable to prevent their own precinct headquarters, they  to arrest a man for allegedly shooting looters near his business [by James Hockaday, Metro, May 28, 亿乐彩登录]. Unless President Trump demands  for all those who will be in a similar situation, such  will continue.

There have already been deaths, few of which attracted much attendance from the . These include:

  • Federal Protective Service officer Dave Underwood, a black man whose life doesn’t Matter to Black Lives Matter [by Dan Noyes and Lauren Martinez, ABC News, May 31, 亿乐彩登录].
  • A woman found dead in Milwaukee “trauma visible” on her body;   on social media suggest she was kidnapped before being murdered [, Fires, CBS Minnesota, May 29, 亿乐彩登录]
  • Three dead in Indianapolis, another city which has been ravaged by recent anti-police protests; none of the shootings involved police officers [, WISHTV8, May 31, 亿乐彩登录].

There were also countless beatings, including of a man holding an  and another , a man who allegedly tried to , and people at .

It is useless to try to find all the examples, they are incalculable, as is the number of businesses destroyed or the amount of property damage.  

President Trump said Sunday morning the government  Antifa a terrorist organization. Attorney General William Barr said violence “instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly” [, Department of Justice, May 31, 亿乐彩登录].

We’ll know that this is serious if these Leftist networks, which raise money and operate openly, are arrested using the RICO statutes and other prosecutorial tools.

I have my doubts…but also my hopes.

It is truly amazing is that Leftists have decided to believe that the rioting is being carried out by whites, or at least is directed by whites. Leftists, not just in Minnesota, think “” are to blame [by Virginia Kruta, Daily Caller, May 30, 亿乐彩登录]. Others think the police are instigating the violence with undercover officers [by John Shipley, Pioneer Press, May 29, 亿乐彩登录].

It’s important to note that Leftists actually believe this. They believed in the Russia Hoax, didn’t they?

Meanwhile,  and conservatives’ focus on white “Antifa” or George Soros makes a similar mistake [by Sergei Klebnikov, Forbes, May 30, 亿乐彩登录]. Much of this violence is simply blacks robbing and looting , not because there is any political end beyond a vague fury at police and whites generally.

President Trump has avoided addressing the nation, reportedly because Jared Kushner  it will make things worse [ by Ella Torres, William Mansell, and Christina Carrega, ABC News, May 31, 亿乐彩登录]. But, as with his handling of the coronavirus, Trump is suffering politically not because he is being too forceful, but because he is being too weak.

Trump called George Floyd’s family, but the family is condemning him for it, not praising his compassion [by Martin Pengelly, The Guardian, May 31, 亿乐彩登录]. He now heavily trails Joe Biden in the polls and is once again falling into his signature trap: saying tough things that  infuriate Leftists without backing up his words with action that rallies the Right [by Gary Langer, ABC News, May 31, 亿乐彩登录].

During the even President George H.W. Bush eventually sent in the  and then addressed the nation, simultaneously displaying leadership and paternal concern for the American people [by Linda Feldmann, The Christian Science Monitor, May 4, 1992].

President Trump thus far is limited to vague tweets about “STRENGTH!’ without much tangible proof of it.

Even worse, in the case of this “STRENGTH” tweet, Twitter once again the account of the person President Trump quote-tweeted.


The company knows the White House won’t do anything. This situation is becoming increasingly humiliating not just for the president, but for his supporters.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump seemed to have  with extraordinary events breaking in his favor. In the run-up to this election, he hasn’t had great luck, but he has had a series of crises that any competent nationalist politician could have easily exploited:

  • He had a  and huge public support for enacting at least a  or more creative . Instead, he disastrously tried to downplay the pandemic to try to appease the stock market in the short term.
  • He has Twitter revealing its bias to the entire world, giving him a sure-fire rationale for protecting the free speech of his supporters. This would dramatically ease his task of fighting the Main Stream Media/ Democrat cartel during the re-election campaign. However, the president has done nothing substantive, once again coming off as weak and feckless and leaving his supporters isolated.
  • Now, he has nationwide riots and videos of businesses being burned to the ground, all being essentially cheered on by his MSM/Dem opponents. America is begging for a crackdown. Instead, President Trump is blaming Democratic state and local elected officials rather than taking action himself.

President Trump simply can’t afford any more mistakes. America is burning. The  that  thought they needs to act.

If he doesn’t, he can’t be surprised if Leftists simply become more emboldened, and if demoralized patriots stay away from the polls.

This is President Trump’s one last chance not to let his voters down. If he blows it, I think the 亿乐彩登录 campaign will be irredeemable–and unlike Republicans, Democrats will have no problem in using government power to  once they are in the White House again. 

James Kirkpatrick [] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is . Read 's Preface .

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